Ejen Ali Episodes in Hindi HD

A boy undergoes training to become an agent after utilizing a device prototype created by a secret organization.

Series info:

Name : Ejen Ali

Dubbed :Sonic

Encoded: Cartoontechkid

Episode 1-Mission Iris

Google Drive

Episode 2-Mission Alpha

Google Drive

Episode 3-Mission Even

Google Drive

Episode 4-Mission Comot

Google Drive

Episode 5-Mission Blueprint

Google Drive

Episode 6-Mission Rise Up

Google Drive

Episode 7-Mission Gegas

Google Drive

Episode 8-Mission: Performance

Google Drive

Episode 9-Mission: Potential

Google Drive

Episode 10-Mission: Sensational

Yandex Disk | Mega

Episode 11-Mission: Evidence 

Google Drive | Mega

Episode 12-Mission: UNO

Google Drive | Mega

Episode 13-Mission Override

Google Drive | Mega

Season 1 Completed

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