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Kick Buttowski 720p Hindi-English Dual Audio Free Download

Kick Buttowski 720p Hindi-English Dual Audio Free Download 1

Kick Buttowski

A satirical look at an 8 year old boy that aspires to be the most hardcore daredevil in existence.

Aired on.     : Disney XD (India)
Aired Date  : 2010 – 12
Duration.    : 22 Min
Quality.        : 720p (Web-DL)
Audio.          : English + Hindi
Subtitles.    : English
Size              : 75 – 85Mb

Season 1

E01: Dead Man’s Drop – Stumped

E02: If Books Could Kill – There Will Be Nachos

E03: Kicked Out – Kick the Habit

E04: Knocked Out – Not Without My Cereal

E05: Kickasaurus Wrecks – Battle For the Snax

E06: Obsession For Kick – Flush and Release

E07: Snowpocalypse! – According to Chimp

E08: Runaway Recital – Trike X-5

E09: Drop Kick, Box Office Blitz

E10: Those Who Camp, Do, Dog Gone

E11: Dad`s Car, The Treasure of Dead Man Dave

E12: For the Love of Gunther , Father From the Truth

E13: Mellowbrook Drift, Gift of Wacky

E14: Exposed! , Wade Against The Machine

E15: Things That Make You Go Boom!, Kyle Be Back

E16: Rank of Awesome, A Very Buttowski Mother`s Day

E17: Abandon Friendship!, Braking the Grade

E18: Dancing With the Enemy – Tattler’s Tale

E19: Morning Rush!, A Fist Full of Ice Cream

E20: Frame Story – And…Action!

Season 2

E01: Mow Money, Love Stinks!

E02: Kickin` Genes, Clothes Call

E03: Clean. to the Extreme, Stand and Delivery

E04: Switching Gears, Garage Banned

E05: Truth or Daredevil

E06: Sold! , Faceplant!

E07: Stumped Again , Kick Stays in the Picture

E08: Hand in Hand , Luigi Vendetta

E09: Pool Daze , Live-in Wade

E10: Kart to Kart, Kyle 2.0

E11: Gym Dandy, Detained

E12: You’ve Been Brad’d!, Sleepover

E13: Kick or Treat, Dead Man’s Roller Coaster

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Kick Buttowski

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