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Niko and the Sword of Light Season 2 in Hindi HD

Chapter Two: The Amulet of Power – Part One. Niko’s world has been restored, but a new dark power looms in the shadows, waiting for a chance to strike. Only the fabled Amulet of Power can restore the balance between Light and Dark. Niko and his friends must race against the forces of darkness to protect this mysterious relic, an artifact that may hold clues to Niko’s very existence.

Season 2 Part 1

Episode 1-A Day in Carondolet

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Episode 2-A Night in Carondolet

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Episode 3-The Forest of Fangs

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Episode 4-Sky Whale City

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Episode 5-The Thorn of Contention

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Season 2 Part 2

Episode 6-Caterpillar Train

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Episode 7-The Vast Sea

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Episode 8-The Automatron

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Episode 9-The Forgotten Fortress

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Episode 10-The Balance of Power

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Season 2 Completed

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