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Robotboy(2005)SEASON 01 HINDI/URDU [FAN Dubbed]

Robotboy(2005)SEASON 01 HINDI/URDU [FAN Dubbed] 1

Robotboy is a cute, cutting-edge, butt-kicking battle-robot, who dreams of becoming a real boy. Created by world-renowned scientist Professor Moshimo, Robotboy has the ability to superactivate into a fighting machine capable of destroying entire armies. This attracts the diabolical attention of supervillains intent on harnessing Robotboy’s powers to enslave the world. So Moshimo sends Robotboy far away to live with his number one fan, Tommy Turnbull, in the peaceful Bay Area .


Episode 01 – Dog-Ra

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Tommy and Gus rescue a lost puppy, and Tommy decides to keep him. Meanwhile, when Tommy and his family leave Robotboy alone in the house, the dog transforms into a half beast-half machine, with his sights set on Robotboy.

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