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The Hagemaru Show Episodes Download in Hindi [Uncensored]

The Hagemaru Show Episodes Download in Hindi [Uncensored] 1

Genre: Animation | Comedy
Creators: Shinbo Nomura
Network: Hungama TV (India)
Orginal run: TV Series (1988–1989)
Running time: 21min
Language: Hindi
Quality: 480p
Encoder: ATH

Synopsis: Hagemaru Hageda is a young kid, studying in fourth standard living with his parents in Japan. Only child of his parents, he and his parents are a big misers. They do anything for saving money and this is the basic plot of the show. Hagemaru also has a pet dog named Pesu, who often comments about Hagemaru’s family being too miser and not giving him anything to eat.

-: Episode List :-

Episode 1 – The Birth of Hagemaru/Best 10 Short Stories/Always Misbehaving at School!

Episode 2 – Mom is Stingy at Behaviour/Best 10 Short Stories/Happy Birthday Sakura!

Episode 3 – The New School Team/Best 10 Short Stories/Stingy Attitude Games!

Episode 4 – Part-time Job/Best 10 Short Stories/Stingy Attitude Games of Mom!

Episode 5 – To See Sakura Flowers in Spring/Best 10 Short Stories/The BAseball Match of Blast!

Episode 6 – Mother & Son’s Misadventure in Shopping Mall/Best 10 Short Stories/The Class of Year 4 in Umemomo Primary School!

Episode 7 – Always Contact the Loved Ones/Best 10 Short Stories/Father & Son’s Fishing Misadventure!

Episode 8 – Amusement Park/Best 10 Short Stories/Life of Train!

Episode 9 – The Tengi no Sekku Day/Best 10 Short Stories/Showers, Hairs & Eyebrows!

Episode 10 – Custom Period Drama/Best 10 Short Stories/All About Sports!

Episode 11 – Elvi’s Elegy/Best 10 Short Stories/Cycling in Tokyo!

Episode 12 – Call It Again/Best 10 Short Stories/Annual Schools Sports Day

Episode 13 – A Weird Day/Best 10 Short Stories/Let’s Camp

Episode 14 – TV, Cameras, Telephones/Best 10 Short Stories/Holiday

Episode 15 – Fitness/Best 10 Short Stories/Zoo

The Hagemaru Show Episodes Download in Hindi [Uncensored] 2
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